Scenes from Mean Girls that’ll stay in our Minds Forever!

Well, its been several years since its release but still the movie has a dedicated fanbase.

The “You Can’t Sit With Us” Scene

When Karen insults Regina and asks her not to sit with her as she didn’t obey their rules. “That’s against the rules and you can’t sit with us,” she said.


The Crying Girl In The Gym

The girl at the emergency assembly gave an emotional speech that moved the fans pretty much. “I wish we could all get along as we used to in middle school… I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat it and be happy…”

The Phone Call Scene

In one of the important scenes, Gretchen hears everything that Cady and Regina gossip about her on the other phone line.

A Meme Which Made “Mean Girls” an All-Time Mania!

August 2020

An all-time favorite teen movie that any teenager would remember in 2004 was Mean Girls.But besides its release being April 30th the one line of the movie which has October 3rd has now become the hype.

It all started when Jonathon Bennett who plays Aaron Samuels asks Lindsay Lohan who portrays Cady Herron as what day it is! To which she responds October 3rd. Today the social media is celebrating this day, and May 4th as Star Wars day and pop icon Justin Timberlake has been symbolized for April 30th.

Well, the evolution of memes is paving way for honoring dates.Besides all this, the scriptwriter Tina Fey has embraced the day by organizing a party by going live on Facebook.

The party will be co-organized by a diehard fan of “Mean Girls” Busy Philipps and they will be answering questions popped up by fans and surprise them with exciting gifts and brush on trivia prior to the movie premiers.

Fans all over remember this day by dressing pink, eating what they ate and even Tina had served the same to fans in New York in 2017. Adding to this, the writer made this day as the start for tickets when they premiered the movie in 2017.

Though it’s not a national holiday the moms now would likely not know the importance of this day but as a Twitterati, you might find it as a meme that takes you back to the good old days.

As it brings excitement to the people who were part of this, it’s nerve-wracking for the lead Aaron who would be piled up with questions which he should probably remember.

He stated that: “I feel like the Times Square ball on October 3rd, because the entire world is like, ‘Ask us what day it is! Ask us what day it is!’ “Bennett joked to People in 2018. “And I’m like ‘Fine, I’ll ask you what day it is.’ It’s so much fun being a part of this crazy holiday that all of a sudden became a thing.”

Jonathan now being the show host of Cake Wars on Food Network is aware of the significance of this day and had released his cooking book “Real Recipes to Feed Your Inner Plastic,” on October 2nd last year just before the auspicious day.

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