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Meagan Good Was Seen Caught Up Amidst Social Media Followers For Speaking About Cops Accountability!

The star had also been part of various protests asking for justice for the black lives who had been killed by the cops across the nation.

Alike several celebs, Meagan Good also raised her voice for the demise of George Floyd.

The star had also been part of various protests asking for justice for the black lives who had been killed by the cops across the nation.

But Meagan ended up in a little trouble when attempted to explain about good officers when somewhere having a talk on defunding the cops.

She had earlier spoke in an interview stating that her dad was part of LAPD for almost 2 decades and why “good cops” are to keep other cops accountable.

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Happy Fathers Day Papa Bear. They’re aren’t enough words for how much I adore and love you 🤎

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She said: “I posted something a few weeks ago where I said something to the likes of ‘if you have 1,000 bad cops and you have ten good ones, but the good ones don’t hold the 1,000 bad ones accountable, then you have 1,010 bad ones, and that’s really how I feel. I do believe that there are some good cops out there. However, if you fall into the realm of knowing what’s going on, seeing it firsthand, and not doing anything, I have a problem with that. However, I am realistic in understanding when cops speak out against other cops, and you are directly putting your life on the line. You can go into a drug bust, and you can be the only one who doesn’t come out.”

Adding to this she stated: “If you do not feel safe, but you know some stuff is wrong and you need to be accountable, then quit. Find a different job. Do something different where you can look yourself in the mirror, and you can have peace when you go to bed at night. If it affects you that way, which it should, if you’re aware of it, then choose a different profession.”

Later she ended saying: “We’re allowed to be angry, we’re allowed to be upset, but we do have to use our words in a way that’s not going to be divisive and a way that’s going to actually be helpful and bring about solutions, reactionary items, things that are really proactive and productive in making a difference. Some people don’t take on that responsibility, and I don’t judge them. However, I do feel it is my responsibility.”

To this one, the user said: “Meagan, I love this statement of your journey and your beautiful self. I’ve seen how you treat others, and you are kindness personified, always lifting others up. May we all do the same” with a heart emoji.


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