Me Before You” – A Movie That Touches Your Heart & Soul

Me Before You” – A Movie That Touches Your Heart & Soul
Me Before You” – A Movie That Touches Your Heart & Soul

What do you usually do when you watch an emotionally powerful film? Do you weep or do you become silent? There are tons of people who cry when they watch heart-rending movies. Many cry when they read such books. But “Me Before You” can make you laugh and then shed tears later. Do you wish to know more about this film? Read on to find out…

A Moving Tale of Love and Sacrifice

This touching story of resilience is based on the novel written by Jojo Moyes. Keep reading to know the story in detail.

Louisa Clark (played by the beautiful Emilia Clarke) is a girl who jumps from one job to another to help her family. She goes on to accept the offer of a caregiver for Will Traynor (played by the charming Sam Claflin). Traynor is a young man who is paralyzed from an accident and uses a wheelchair. He used to be a vivacious, successful man before his world was shattered by the accident a couple of years before. 

Lou (Louisa Clark) initially struggles at her job. She finds Traynor rude but tries to be friendly with him. Slowly but steadily, Traynor starts to change as Lou makes him believe that life is worth living even after his accident. One day, Lou finds out that Traynor has given 6 months’ time to his parents before he leaves for Switzerland to die by assisted suicide. He simply cannot live his life this way anymore. Lou attempts to shower her love on him and tries to make him change his decision. But alas! Traynor is relentless.

Lou takes Traynor to a concert, where they spend a lovely time together. After the concert, Traynor says, “I just . . . want to be a man who has been to a concert with a girl in a red dress.”

Lou also accompanies Traynor to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. They even go on a vacation together, where both feel vulnerable and Lou expresses her feelings for Traynor.


A Heartwarming Film about Friendship and Love

The relationship between Lou and Traynor turns from resentment to friendship. And then, it beautifully blossoms into love. Irrespective of Lou’s attempts to make Traynor believe in life, he sticks to his decision. In one of the scenes, Traynor says to Lou, “I don’t want you to miss all the things that someone else can give you.” 


Eventually, Traynor dies in Switzerland by opting for assisted suicide. But he leaves a letter and a considerable amount of money to his love, Lou, to chase her dreams. It’s definitely an inspirational movie that portrays the journey of a young man who wishes to die but is entangled in a net of love with his caregiver.

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