Matthew McConaughey Teams Raise Money for Maui Wildfire Victims

The Oscar-winning actor, along with his son, is putting in his best efforts to help the wildfire victims.

Matthew Mcconaughey Teams Raise Money For Maui Wildfire Victims
Matthew Mcconaughey Teams Raise Money For Maui Wildfire Victims

There are several speculations regarding the Maui wildfires. The devastating wildfires started on 8th August, 2023, and have killed more than 100 people. And, thousands of victims have been displaced from the island. There have been calls for support from celebrities, including Matthew McConaughey and Jason Momoa, and donations are pouring in. Let’s now look in detail at the Maui wildfire relief fundraiser by McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey Wildfire Support

Matthew McConaughey and his family are putting in efforts to assist people in need. Camila Alves McConaughey, the Brazilian model, and wife of Matthew McConaughey, is also joining the collective efforts to help people impacted by the disaster. The actor has confirmed this through their joint video.

Matthew McConaughey has also stated that his family is offering help in funding emergency aid planes containing supplies for the families impacted by the Maui wildfires.

Levi McConaughey Joins Dad for Wildfire Fundraiser

Levi McConaughey, the 15-year-old look-alike son of the American actor, has recently joined his dad in his relief efforts. The father and son duo have shared a touching plea about assisting victims of the wildfires.

The 53-year-old actor has stated, “The fires over there have put so many people out of home and have taken so many lives.These people need to stabilise to survive.” He has also stated that he and his family are able to get critical supplies to families and children who really need them.

Matthew McConaughey Maui Wildfire Relief Initiative

The actor and his family are currently working with an aid organization named, “Baby2Baby,” which functions along with some partners on the ground in Maui. Matthew McConaughey has also requested people to extend assistance to the affected families.

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