Maren Morris Shines Her Spotlight on Black Women in Country Music!

Not just for becoming the proud singer to be awarded three Country Music Awards but also for her acceptance speech

The female Country Music songstress Maren Morris had become the talk of social media from yesterday. Not just for becoming the proud singer to be awarded three Country Music Awards but also for using her acceptance speech for a real social cause.

2020 Country Music Association Awards that commenced yesterday must be a special day for Black women, especially the Black talents in the Country Music. It’s all because of the winner who grabbed three trophies on the day, Maren Morris. She won the ‘Single of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ award. That’s not the only thing one must feel proud of her but her acceptance speech is one of the worthy speeches to be craved in the history of country music. She dazzled her limelight on the Black female country artists and made them feel proud.

“I want to give recognition to because I’m just a fan of their music, and they’re as country as it gets, ” she said.

“I just want them all to know how much we love them back and just check out their music after this. It’s Linda Martell, Yola, Mickey Guyton, Rissi Palmer, Brittney Spencer, Rhiannon Giddens,” Morris said. “There are so many amazing Black women that pioneered and continue to pioneer this genre, and I know they’re going to come after me, and they’ve come before me, but you’ve made this genre so, so beautiful. I hope you know that we see you. Thank you for making me so inspired as a singer in this genre.”

It takes more than talent to become a great person. Maren Morris is truly a great one!

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