New Fan Art Imagines Macaulay Culkin as ‘The Joker’!

Instagram got crazy when the art-work surfaced on the social platform.

‘The Joker’ is the most popular comic-villain turned popular genre in the film world. The upcoming Batman movie is one of the much-anticipated and fans are damn eager to see Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Batman himself. However, there are also wide-spread rumors and imaginations on who’s gonna act as ‘The Joker’.


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Instagram got crazy when the art-work surfaced on the social platform. The post was captioned, “Macaulay Culkin Joker edit 🃏 Swipe for B/A! Well, this is a new rumor, I don’t think this will happen, but with Warner one never knows.”

‘Home Alone’ star Macaulay Culkin defends Michael Jackson

Mar 5, 2019

Late Michael Jackson is amidst controversy after the ‘Leaving Neverland’, a two-part docuseries that portrayed him as a child predator in the closed quarters of the Neverland estate. It sparked reactions all over Hollywood and beyond with BBC banning The King of Pop’s tracks from playing on their radio.

In the docuseries, Wade Robson, who had moved into Neverland from Australia with his mom, claimed that he was raped by Michael Jackson for years as a child. He detailed his heartbreak after learning that the singer had replaced him with new friends, Macaulay Culkin being one among them along with Corey Feldman.

Jackson began to spend an increasing amount of time with Macaulay Culkin around 1991 and 1992, much to the disappointment of Wade Robson, who was replaced by Culkin in the ‘Black or White’ music video despite Michael promising him the role.

Culkin has said that he was never sexually assaulted by Jackson to his knowledge, while Corey Feldman called the accusers liars on Twitter.Both Barnes and Culkin have stated that they were never molested or sexually assaulted by Jackson.

Those who’ve come forward to accuse the Thriller star seem to be solely driven by angst after MJ made new friends and chose to accompany new faces over them. Was Michael really a child predator? or was he, after all, looking for friends to complement his childish ways? React below and let us know in the comments!

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