Louis C.K. Strikes Again! He Takes The Stage This Time!

He said that he hates New York City and acknowledges

By the time where all his fans are ready to let it go, the infamous stand-up comedian, Louis C.K. dared to strike again with another controversy.

He was accused of sexual abuse during the #metoo movement by several women which he acknowledged that they were true. But he never apologized for any of his behavior. This fuelled a massive negative phase on his career with the cancelation of all his shows and abrupt halt on his nearly-finish movie. Ever since he was swept by #metoo backlash from the social media and the women organizations.

When all the heat seems to settle down, he raised another controversy by telling that he hates New York City. In a one-hour stand-up show, the comedian said that he used to love New York City, his home for many years, but that now he hates it, implying it’s because of the negative attention he receives. He also said: “How have your last couple of years been?” he asked near the start of the hour-long set Thursday night, before describing himself sitting in a restaurant, eating alone, as someone at another table gives him the finger for the duration of the meal.

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