Lion Air’s brand new flight crashes into the sea

The victims and crew members are all dead

The Boeing 737 Max 8 flight that took off from Jakarta on Monday (Oct 29) crashed into the sea with 190 people on board after just 13 minutes of its departure. Being a brand new carrier, the airline is still investigating what went wrong. The victims and crew members are all dead and it was an ill-fated day for the passengers and their families involved in the accident.

Lion Air crashes into sea
Lion Air crashes into the sea

While reports claim the Indonesian flight had technical problems while it flew the previous day from Bali to Jakarta, it remains a mystery on how it was allowed to take off the next day. In fact, the passengers who were on board the previous day claimed that their ride was close to that of a roller coaster and children even vomited because of the heat that was radiated. Search groups have found the bodies of the travelers and their belongings to be handed over to the victims’ relatives. Though Boeing and Lion Air are yet to confirm the reason behind the mishap, the public is furious on the airlines as they mourn for the precious lives lost.



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