Lion Air crash’s victim was to get married two weeks after the tragic accident!

It wasn’t just an ill-fated day for the doomed flight but also for the friends, and families of all the 189 members on board. Lion Air’s JT 610 that departed from Jakarta flew for a mere 13 mins before it crashed into the Java Sea due to technical faults. With nil survivors, this fatal incident will forever be mourned in the history of aviation mishaps.

Rio Nanda Pratama, 26, a doctor of Indonesian origin, was one among the 189 who flew to Jakarta to attend a seminar a week before the fatal accident. Dr. Pratama was due to marry his childhood girlfriend, Intan Indah Syari, 26, just two weeks later. The two had been together for nearly 13 years and wanted to take their relationship one step ahead with a wedding ceremony at Pangkal Pinang. The then soon-to-be-wedded couple had done an elaborate shopping choosing an adorable wedding gown, and ring for the D-day.

Syari’s dream shattered to bits when and things seemed doomed when she came to know about the air crash. “If I don’t return before November 11, still wear the dress I chose. Make yourself beautiful and ask for a fresh white rose. Then take a lovely photo and send it to me”, Pratama had joked before he left to Jakarta. And to everyone’s surprise, that’s exactly what Syari did. She posted a series of photos on Instagram on Sunday (Nov 11) where she posed alone wearing the dress they chose. She had also captioned the pics saying that she has fulfilled her fiancee’s last wish.

It’s really saddening to see how technical negligence can turn people’s lives to a hail storm. Just like Pratama and Syari’s, there are a lot of other heart-tear-apart stories of each passenger, crew member, and the Captain of the plane. Hope the Indonesian aviation sector focuses more on the technicalities and safety measures of each flight before its take off as these disasters not only take a toll of the passengers, but also their families, and loved ones.

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