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Le’Veon Bell—NFL Face behind ‘The Milkshake’ in Fox’s ‘The Masked Singers’

Le’Veon Bell-NFL footballer as masked ‘Milkshake’ singer

Le’veon Bell—nfl Face Behind ‘the Milkshake’ In Fox’s ‘the Masked Singers’

‘The Masked Singer’(TMS) is a reality show of a singing competition telecasted on Fox. This television series is a part of a franchise of Masked Singer which began in South Korea, featuring celebrities singing their songs concealing their identity from top to bottom. A panel of judges hosts the show, identifying the hidden celebrity. After the battle with ‘The Lambs,’ the scoreboard decided ‘The Milkshake’ earned the runner-up place and revealed the hidden face of the former NFL player Le’Veon Bell.

He performed a rendition of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit ‘Jump On It.’ The football player and kickboxer turned singer said, “I knew the song. This is one of those things where you know the song, but you don’t actually know the words. So I was learning the words, and I didn’t realize how much Sir Mix-A-Lot was actually rapping.” He stated that he wanted his performance to sound natural. 

The passionate singer was overwhelmed when the panelists guessed him to be one of the renowned rappers LL Cool J and T.I. Le’Veon Bell said,  “I felt good about that. It gave me more confidence. It gave me a pat on the back,” about the panelists thinking he could be a professional rapper. 

When asked about his future projects Le’Veon Bell, the 30-year-old singer and football player told, “I’m planning on dropping my album early in 2023 around my birthday in February. Right now it’s really album mode. I’m just grinding in the studio.”

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