Lecrae’s latest album lands him a part in Superfly!

The Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist released his new album very recently on June 22th of this year. He created the Let The Trap Say Amen along with Zaytoven. Within months of announcing a snippet of the album, the rapper got an acting opportunity from a Canadian filmmaker, Director X. The movie is Superfly which was a remake of the 1972 film Super Fly. Lecrae played the part of the funeral rapper.

This is what he told a source about how he landed the part, “What ended up happening was Zay and I was working together so much, just bouncing ideas off each other,” Lecrae says. “He was actually talking about Superfly, and then he was like, ‘Man, let’s get in the studio and do a song for the film’, which ended up becoming me being in the film.”

Well, it’s cool how this Christian rapper got noticed and made his acting debut!

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