Lawsuit filed against Boeing for faulty aircraft design!

As we near almost a month since the fatal crash of Lion Air’s carrier that plunged into the Java Sea on Oct 29, it’s still hard to digest the fact that we’ve lost 189 innocent lives on board. It remains a major aviation mystery on how Boeing failed to instruct the pilots on the safety advancements and anti-stall features of the 737 MAX 8 jet that malfunctioned mid sky, just 13 minutes after takeoff.

The family of one of the victims has sought the help of aviation specialists Wisner Law Firm to file a lawsuit against the aircraft manufacturing company for not providing proper training or intimation on the newly added technicalities which caused the airplane to nose dive into the waters.

Boeing is yet to come up with any explanation regarding the irresponsible act. Several aviation experts and pilots around the world also claim that inclusions regarding safety and technical controls are most vital and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to have mentioned them in the Captain’s manual.

In spite of the American multi-national corporation’s safety records and reputation, there are more chances that Boeing will be sued for its flaw.


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