Last ditch attempt to save Spiderman closed, says Sony

‘We’ve lost Spiderman forever’ laments Marvel

If you think Spider-man was gonna swing back from Sony onto the lap of Marvel-owned Disney, you’re wrong.

Last month, Marvel fans received a jolt of shock after a money-mongering spat between Sony and Disney led to Spider-man being forever decimated from the Marvel universe. Owned by Sony, Spider-man movies which have generated a good deal of Box-office revenue prompted Marvel to demand a bigger share of profits and revenue which pissed of Sony. And the next thing you can imagine, Sony decided not to part with its Spider-man and locked it out forever from the hands of Marvel, sending any possibility of future collaborations down the drain.

Despite the corporate spat, fans were optimistic that Disney and Sony would somehow figure out a way to come to terms. After all, more than the money, it’s the fans’ sentiments that count, right?

But No.

According to Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra, the door is ‘closed’. Speaking to Variety, Vinciquerra made a cryptic comment, half-heartedly saying “it’s a long life,” implying that perhaps (or not ) Spider-man will return to Marvel in the distant future.

Vinciquerra also went on to stress the fact that following the split, there was “no ill will” between Sony and Marvel, upon failing to renew its agreement and reaching a substantial agreement on financing terms for the upcoming Spider-Man movies.

He also confirmed the move of removing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the Marvel. In response to the fierce fan backlash, he acknowledged that it has been “an interesting couple of weeks” for the studio to handle the news and the follow-up disgruntles from the fans.


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