Kyla Pratt talks about the loss of Leslie Jordan

The actress opens up about the loss of her co-worker

Kyla Pratt Talks About The Loss Of Leslie Jordan

The sudden death of Leslie Jordan saddened all his fans and his co-workers. The car accident that lead to the death of the 67-year old, also left Kyla Pratt out of words to express the sudden loss. Kyla said, “it was difficult to discuss.”, about the death of one of her co-workers. 

The actress told E! News exclusively, “I think of Leslie and I just think of joy, I think of happiness. He was absolutely the person that he showed the world that he was. There was not a day where Leslie Jordan had an attitude or was mad about something.” She even recalls him to be “an amazing storyteller.” It could have been really tough for the members of ‘Call Me Kat’ to resume with their work, without Leslie’s presence along with them. The close-knitted circle the members of the crew has become is express through Kyla’s statement, “He didn’t really have family out here on the west coast and I like to think of us as a work family. It’s just very, very hard. It’s weird to not have him there.”

Pratt talks about her way of moving past the loss, “I’m dealing with it by saying, ‘Oh, he’s just not here this week!’” She even thinks of how Leslie would encourage them to move past, and open up, “I’m happy that I’m able to talk about him now.”

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