Kirsten Storms Shares Details of Her Brain Surgery With Fans!

Kirsten Storms, the star of General Hospital is not suffering from cancer, stop going crazy and check out what she had and whether it’s curable or not now.

Storms, 37 were experiencing random illness and frequent migraines which she disregarded as the side effects of her irregular schedule and aging body.

An MRI scan suggested by her orthopedist whom she visited to treat her severe neck pain had revealed a huge cyst. The cyst in her brain was pressurizing her head and her neck causing frequent migraines and aches. Storms thanked her orthopedist on her IG post saying “ even though that isn’t his area of expertise. Truly a great doctor”

The celebrity further revealed on Friday that she had undergone surgery earlier in the week to remove the cyst through a “wonderful neurosurgeon”. On Sunday, she shared another post to discuss her diagnosis and recovery.

Storms was wonderfully surprised by the amount of support her ‘work family’ and fans had sent her way. She thanked her co-star Emme Rylan for taking care of her post-surgery until the arrival of her home nurse.

“Again, thank you to everyone for sending positive vibes my way. It’s not gone unnoticed. ♥️,” she said. “Fun fact: I now firmly believe the new plates in my brain will give me some sort of special ability. Fingers crossed I can suddenly knit a sweater in 1 day. Ooo maybe 1 hour. 😮”

Kirsten has recovered from the surgery and will be back to work once her partially shaven head grows out and is currently spending time knitting!

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