Keke Palmer reveals pregnancy at SNL show

Hilarious and unexpected pregnancy reveal!

Keke Palmer Reveals Pregnancy At Snl Show

Singer and actress Keke Palmer revealed her pregnancy in the “Saturday Night Live” show after making it seem like she was addressing a rumor. Keke said she has comments and a lot around with people claiming she has been pregnant. She said, “I want to set the record straight,” then, unbuttoned her trench coat and said, “I am.” The way she addressed and revealed her pregnancy was totally unanticipated. Keke made small moves around with her bare baby bump. It was indeed happy news for all her fans. The way she began and arrived at it was absolutely hilarious and something the audience crowd would have been unprepared for. 

She added to the fun and entertainment by stating, “I gotta say, it is bad when people on the Internet spread rumors about you, but it’s even worse when they’re correct!” about her pregnancy rumors. Palmer said she wanted to keep the news under the weather, but people would come up to her to ask about her pregnancy, for which her reply would be to keep the news low, as she might look the liquor sponsorship her way. She adds to her funny comment, “Let the check clear, and then we can get to the damn baby shower.”

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