Keke Palmer and Tyler Hynes Spill the ‘Hot’ and ‘Not’

From Keke Palmer to Lisa Barlow, take a look at their HOT and NOT lists of 2024.

Keke Palmer And Tyler Hynes Spill The ‘hot’ And ‘not’
Keke Palmer And Tyler Hynes Spill The ‘hot’ And ‘not’

While bidding bye to 2023, Hollywood celebs updated a few things on their “Hot” and “Not” List. Read on to see what’s gonna be hot and not in 2024.

Keke Palmer 

Keke says just being herself is Hot, making things in her own way, being more original, and doing things in her own way. 

Her Not list includes ditching the feeling that she belongs to a particular set of rules and things she has to follow that are not authentic to her. 

Tyler Hynes 

“An Unexpected Christmas” actor Tyler Hynes added “Being Unattractive and Happy” to his Hot list. He added being attractive to the “Not” list.

Cirie Fields 

The famous Survivor participant added all things to her Hot list, such as AI, bowl cut bobs, bell bottoms, LLCs, podcasting (“Mother Knows Best … Or Does She”) [and] oversized fits. Meanwhile, she moved skinny jeans, Dracula’s pointy fingers, and twerking on the gram to the “Not” list.

Claire Rehfuss

Rehfuss updated some want-to-do things this year like going to a library, Rummikub, New York Times connection game, fireplace, and no-filter pictures. And she decided not to do any TikToks, or use any beauty filters.

Lisa Barlow 

Lisa hot-listed moderation drinking and creating new memories for this year. She added the word “gaslighting” to her NOT list.

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