Keanu Reeves for President Anyone?

Why not Keanu Reeves for President?

He’s in the news for all the right reasons. The guy’s got a hit, he’s an internet sensation and a meme god. It goes without saying that he deserved all this fame long back. Even better, his newfound icon status still has him grounded and doesn’t show a sign of celebrity ego.

I was scrolling down my Twitter feed of endless Keanu Reeves memes when I happened to glance at a video of Donald Trump pouting on TV at some press conference.

Then it occurred to me. Why not Keanu Reeves for President?

I mean, why the hell not?

After all— Who doesn’t love him?

He’s genuinely compassionate even after facing so many hardships in life

Remember the time when Keanu helps fellow passengers who had to get an emergency landing? Instead of throwing tantrums like a typical obnoxious star, Keanu helped the passengers out and made sure they were not bored by playing songs and engaging them. Keanu Reeves has been through some serious hardships in his life, which have only made him an incredibly genuine and compassionate human. People who have experienced hardships tend to get “hardened” and perceive a more pessimistic view of humanity. But a very few are able to learn and grow despite growing through a lot.

Keanu is definitely one among them.

He’s selfless and would go to any extent to bring the best out of people

He always acknowledges people he works with and makes sure that they matter

Keanu is known to have gifted a Harley Davidson for every stuntman who worked day and night for his Matrix movies. He could go to any extent to get a movie from good to great. He decided to receive a huge pay cut so that Al Pacino could star alongside him in Devil’s Attorney.

The biggest reason of all— He’s apolitical

Anyone in his place, in his peak of stardom status, would try to influence fans and make a remark or two about his political stance through a condescending remark or a subtle jab on sentiments.

But not Keanu Reeves.

He stands tall, unadulterated by too-right or too left views and unaffected by the political fuckery that’s creating a ruckus. He just goes about minding his own business.

He respects women.

He’s literally Internet’s boyfriend and a true gentleman after these photos of him surfaced on the Internet.

He doesn’t Grab em by the Pussy as Trump does, he doesn’t grab em at all.

He doesn’t crave media attention He got no blue chip on his shoulders

He’s not eager to gain the spotlight. He doesn’t obsess about the day to day happenings in his life. He’s one of those rare kinds who doesn’t squeeze space in the spotlight but when he gets the spotlight, he nails it perfectly.

In simplicity lies his greatness

He can connect with the common man problems because he behaves like one. Be it his subway rides to giving up his seat to women. He helps random strangers and the public just because he loves doing it.

Doesn’t disguise PR stunt as a fundraiser

He secretly funded a charity for kids with Cancer ever since his own sister battled with Leukemia. The Media came to know its existence only after 5 years.

A good listener, and pays attention.

He knows when to stay quiet, and doesn’t always feel the necessity to express his opinion all the time. Even if it’s a homeless man, he at least shows interest in the person who’s talking to him.

We all love him and he loves us back.

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