11 ‘Breathtaking’ Pictures of Keanu Reeves and His Girlfriend Alexandra Grant That’ll Melt Your Heart

Alexandra Grant is into arts, and so does their love story

It’s all done. All the ‘sad Keanu’, ‘lonely Keanu’ memes are going to die. Internet’s darling Keanu Reeves never seem to stop holding the hands of his lady love as a gentleman would. Alexandra Grant is into arts, and so does their love story.

The John Wick star looked happy. And the internet is finally showering its blessings on the pair, heaving a sigh of relief that Keanu is finally in love. He deserves to be happy after all he’s been through.

The pair have been in touch for quite a while. It was pleasant to see that the 46-year old Artist does so very little to hide her age. She looks so elegant when she smiles with her wrinkles. And thank god for Keanu for being Keanu and not dating chicks and models than their age( Look at DiCaprio!).

Here are some other pictures that’ll make you feel happy for the couple and maybe restore a little faith in humanity.












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