Katie Had Enough of ‘The Bachelorette’ After Other Finalists Quit!

Katie Had Enough of ‘The Bachelorette’ After Other Finalists Quit!

Human beings are complicated and love triangles are even more so. The“Bachelorette” has always had its audience gripping their seats just to know when the L-word actually means something!

But season 18 was totally different, Katie is still holding on without uttering the L-word with only 3 finalists left on the show namely Greg, Justin, and Blake.

The pandemic, budget cut, irrelevant expenditure has fallen hard on the show and this week it was hometown season with a meet-up with families where things were destined to go wrong.

Blake and Katie could see each other together in the future and Blake’s mother wanted him to man up and propose before someone else decides to score a girlfriend/bride.

On the other hand, Justin’s parents weren’t present on the show for some unknown reason, his friend Herb made up for it. Similar to Blake’s mother, Herb was hard on Justin for not expressing his emotions. Well, unlike Blake, Justin manned up and opened his heart just to be rewarded with a kiss.

While Greg was on a different track expressing every emotion but love. The jealousy, insecurity, anger, hostility, and poor communicative skill ruined their bond.

“At this point, the confidence and the strength I thought I had is, like, destroyed,” Katie tells co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe after the ‘Hometown’ disaster with Andrew, Micheal, and Greg quitting the show.

We don’t know about the contract clauses or if Katie had already quit the show or even if the dramatic fight was orchestrated from the beginning.

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