Kate Beckinsale Opens Up On the ‘Psychological Tortures’ Imposed by Harvey Weinstein

Actress Kate Beckinsale finally opened up on the ‘psychological tortures’ she underwent by producer and now alleged as rapist Harvey Weinstein.

Actress Kate Beckinsale finally opened up on the ‘psychological tortures’ she underwent by producer and now alleged as rapist Harvey Weinstein. This incident took place back in 2001 when she was promoting her film Serendipity with him.

Besides her, many other A-list actresses had opened up on the sexual abuses they have faced by the producer in 2017 which eventually lead to the inception of the #MeToo movement. Hans is now sentenced for 23 yrs of imprisonment on charges of rape and harassment he did on an actor and assistant.

Kate had said via her Instagram that the producer had asked to move her “a** at the film release and not look like a lesbian.”

Speaking to a source she stated that: “I was never sexually attacked by Harvey. There was never a sexual component. But there was really extreme bullying. And that’s not just Harvey. I have eight or nine anecdotes I could have said about Harvey, and countless I could have said about other people.”

Further, the 46 yr old told that the way she was harassed can’t be taken as crime or prosecutable but needs to be shared.

“I do think it’s incredibly oppressive and worth addressing. It wasn’t like I was like, ‘Oh, he’s in jail, now I’ll say my thing’ It was very much another conversation I wanted to have, that hasn’t been touched at this point. I do think it’s much more likely to happen to females, still, and that’s why I did that.”

Adding to this she said: “But no, it wasn’t the first and it was part of (many) I had to navigate. Somebody hauling out their penis — you have a bit more of a plan of what to do. But somebody sort of psychologically torturing you or bullying you, there’s still no real plan there. You’re still expected to suck it up.”

Since she had spoken on the issue she had many professional hurdles and said: “I think there are a lot of women in this industry who said no to all sorts of things — and I don’t just mean sexually — and suddenly found that the cover of the magazine they were going to do fell apart, or the movie that they were going to do fell away.”

Finally, she said: “There was a backlash. Just like with any bully. It only takes one phone call to go, ‘Don’t hire her.’ If somebody has a vindictive agenda or feels you’ve overstepped by saying no, it’s just one or two phone calls to cause you real trouble. It’s not a huge effort.”

Hans was charged as criminal in February under ‘criminal sexual act in the first degree and rape in the third degree while being cleared of predatory sexual assault charges.’

He was sentenced for raping former actress Jessica Mann in 2013 and for doing oral sex with ex production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006. Almost 90 plus women along with Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek have also complained about sexual misconduct on Hans.

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