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Justin Bieber drops his world tour with mental health concerns

Justin Bieber’s world tour has taken a break as a result of mental health prioritization

Justin Bieber drops his world tour with mental health concerns

Justin Bieber, 28, has been on his “Justice” world tour. There are 70 more shows to be played by Justin. He made a statement on Instagram about his cancellation.

Justin announced his Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, leading to the partial paralysis of his face, and was unable to complete the “North America leg of the Justice Tour.” The physical condition that led to the cancellation now has more to do with his mental state of being, for canceling his shows.

His Instagram story stated that after the break and rest that he took due to the Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome, he continued his shows in Europe. Justin says that he performed six live shows, and that exhausted him. Despite his mental exhaustion, he performed in Brazil. He said, “After getting off stage, the exhaustion overtook me, and I realized that I need to make my health the priority now.”

Justin ends his statement by assuring his recovery and thanking his fans for their love and support. The star’s transparency regarding his mental health will contribute to raising awareness among his fans. It will aid in breaking the taboo and normalizing the priority that one has to give to mental health.

Justin Bieber Came to the Rescue of Sinking Coffee Chain!

The Canadian singer joined hands with Tim Hortons Coffee chain

Justin Bieber Came To The Rescue Of Sinking Coffee Chain!

Justin Bieber was showered with praises after his recent attempt to save a sinking coffee chain that suffered a huge loss due to the pandemic. The Canadian singer joined hands with Tim Hortons, a coffee chain based in Canada, and helped with the promotion.

According to the sources, Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons planned the launch of new doughnut holes, and the singer himself was involved in choosing the flavors. The company which faced an 11% drop in sales during the 2020 pandemic witnessed a roaring increase of 10.3% in sales. The president of the company Jose Cil showered praises on JB for his ingenious promotion. “I’m a Belieber!” he said

Mashup – Timbiebs Timbits is the name of the new doughnut holes with enticing flavors such as birthday cake waffle, sour cream chocolate, and white fudge.

Justin Bieber’s move didn’t just help increase the sales but also brought in young fans to the donut family. With 220 million crazy fans following, it’s no wonder the Canadian singer was able to pull this off swiftly!

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