Josie Gibson Shuts Holly Willoughby Post Wardrobe Malfunction

The ex-Big Brother champion was on ‘This Morning’ today for a part of the show where it was about ghost hunting.

Josie Gibson shuts down Holly Willoughby’s post pinpointing her very awkward outfit disaster.

The ex-Big Brother champion was on ‘This Morning’ today for a part of the show where it was about ghost hunting.

Donned in the popular Ghostbusters dress the actor popped up from behind a tree as she revealed viewers what she has been doing up to.

But as soon she was before the lens it was not that difficult to watch her tore pants which were split in the front.

Holly jokingly said: ‘Josie, I mean it’s quite exciting, isn’t it? You’re very brave that’s for sure,’ prior to talking about her faux-pas.’

‘Urm, now I’m just going to ask you this, just for an outfitting point of view. You’ve got a little split there, was that supposed to happen? Is that some overzealous ghostbusting maybe?’ Holly puzzled.

Without letting the presenter not to giggle at her cost Josie told very politely and stated: ‘Well what happened, I was filling up the car in the petrol station and I had a little accident, and it was a bit tight.’

She took down Holly more by saying: ‘But we’re not going to concentrate on my split for today, we’re going to concentrate on this ghost hunting because we’re going to track down this ghoul.’

Holly glanced at her presenting buddy Phillip Schofield before telling Josie: ‘I agree.’

To move forward over the discussion Phil frowned: ‘Hold on, you filled up the car dressed like that?’

In turn, Josie put a smile down the lens without uttering a word as Phil moved on and said: ‘This is the most bizarre start to a show, we’ll leave it at that.’

Holly continued: ‘Josie we will see you in a bit – keep ghostbusting.’

Followers flooded with their comments on Twitter and saw how embarrassed it was on Twitter.

One of them said: ‘This is well awkward. I love Josie,’ and one more wrote: ‘How cringe is this with Josie and the whole ghostbuster thing.’

Few others were for Josie and said: ‘Hahhaahahhaha Josie you sum up us Bristolians! Never take life too seriously! What a legend.’

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