Jodie Foster Wishes to Keep Acting till Her 80’s

Recently Jodie had revealed that she desires to keep acting until her 80’s and is not quitting now.

Foster one of the renowned names in Hollywood has acted 90 plus films and directed few as well. Recently Jodie had revealed that she desires to keep acting until her 80’s and is not quitting now.

At the screening of the documentary movie “Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache,” Besides, “she also said that her present goal is to be an ace director, as well as her long term goals to evolve as an actress in her later years.”

She also added saying that: “I’m pretty focused on the behind-the-scenes now,” Foster said. “Sometimes I’ll make more movies as a director and sometimes more as an actor. I would say this is a more director-heavy moment, but I’m for sure going to be acting a lot when I’m 70 and 80. I’m really excited about that, actually.”

The documentary’s producer Guy-Blache stated that there are only a handful of women who are into the direction and behind the lens.

Jodie also said that: “I was incredibly lucky, at a very young age, to have had lots of experience with some of the guys that had the ability to give me my first job as a director, and they trusted me.” “At 27-years-old, to trust a woman with a substantial movie is something I’ll never forget.”

Further, Jodie emphasized that there ocean of opportunities to enhance you in the field. Though she has ample experience in Hollywood she still feels a newbie film making.

 “I’ve always been in two different parts of the business, and as an actor, I’ve made far more movies and was far more accomplished,” she said. “I’m far more confident about that, and as a director, I’m still searching. I’m young as a director, so I still have so much more to learn.”

Blache was one of the few to find the hidden talent in Jodie and even Foster was all praise for him as he was a pro in describing the story and he was always unique in his work.

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