JK Rowling Donates to MS Research Named After her Mother!

The popular name of wizard stories is JK Rowling who is behind the creation of Harry Potter.

The popular name of wizard stories is JK Rowling who is behind the creation of Harry Potter. Rowling has reached out to MS Research Centre at Edinburg University and has funded a sum of £10m.

The Neurology medical center has been named after her mom Annie Rowling. Her donation will be used to develop high-end amenities and research.

Her mother passed away at 45 due to multiple sclerosis. The institute mainly concentrates on implementing clinical studies and more examinations of patients.

Various other neurological factors learned are “motor neuron disease (MND), Parkinson’s and dementia.” The fund catered is expected to enhance it across the world which will give hope to patients and their loved ones.

Rowling stated that: “When the Anne Rowling Clinic was first founded, none of us could have predicted the incredible progress that would be made in the field of regenerative neurology, with the clinic leading the charge.”

She also added saying: “It’s a matter of great pride for me that the clinic has combined these lofty ambitions with practical, on the ground support and care for people with MS, regardless of stage and type; I’ve heard at first-hand what a difference this support can make.”

Ms. Rowling also added saying: “I am confident that the combination of clinical research and practical support delivered with the efficient team will bring a huge change for people affected with neurological disorders. “

Besides, the head of Neurology center Siddharthan Chandran said: “Our research is shaped by listening to, and involving, individuals who are living with these tough conditions.”

Further, the deputy chancellor Professor Peter Mathieson said that: The center is immensely happy with the huge donation which will inspire the emerging researchers to find better medicines and therapies for the ailing people.

The center was established back in 2007 which was backed from then by Rowling. The interesting fact is that JK was inspired to pen Harry Potter in Edinburg Café.

As per sources, JK Rowling has a net worth of £750m.

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