Jim Carrey Trolls Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live!

He mocked Trump mercilessly and called him ‘loser’.

We all know about the energy and comic stamina of Jim Carrey. He seemed pretty happier to bring it on to live television when he viciously mocked Donald Trump on Saturday Night TV show.

The legendary comedian performed alongside actress Maya Rudolph imitating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris respectively. Fans can’t help but witness a 90s throwback of Ace Ventura as Jim Carrey mercilessly trolled Donald Trump on the show.

With Joe Biden evolving as the new President-elect of the United States and things are all-set for him to occupy the White House, Jim Carrey couldn’t get better timing to bring back his famous 1994 character to troll the incumbent president, Trump. He delivered a funny victory speech with a series of trolls and mocking,

“I honestly kinda can’t believe it,” Jim said as he took to the podium.

“It’s been so long since something good happened. I’ve never felt so alive and I’m barely alive.

“Unlike President Trump, we do accept the results.”

Then Ace arrived on the scene.

“We aren’t mad at them,” he said. “This is one of those situations in life where there must be a winner and a… looooooooser ” – making reference to a quote in the film.

Then both hold the L sign up to their heads, and say: “Loooooser!”

BTW, the actor wasn’t the only high-profile star celebrating.

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