Jennifer Nettles encourages everyone to vote

The well known foremost as the vocalist of country duo Sugarland spoke on midterm elections. She also opened about why it is so important for everyone to use their voices. “In this country we have the right and the privileged and, in my opinion, the responsibility to vote and to allow our voices and our ideals and the things that we hold sacred and important to us, to be heard,” she said in an exclusive interview.

She also recalled the first time she was able to vote and how empowering it felt. She said, “I got to vote for the President, I felt so grown up and so adult”. Nettles also said as, in the millennial era, we are accountable for our own future. While you come of age and have inherited certain challenges, problems that need to be rectified from the past, you need your voice and that is your vote.

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