5 Fascinating Facts About Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo and her life secrets which one must know!

5 Fascinating Facts About Jennifer Lopez

As we all know, Jennifer Lopez is a famous American actress, singer, producer, and author. She is also one of the highest-paid entertainers in the world. Here are 5 fascinating facts about J.Lo.

The renowned singer was once a backup dancer for Janet Jackson

Lopez was once a backup dancer for Janet Jackson when she was trying to become a dancer. JLo appeared in her song video, ‘That’s the Way Love Goes.’ 

The star is a little bit athlete

J.Lo participated in Triathlons and completed one in less than three hours. In 2018, Lopez participated in Nautica Malibu Triathlon and completed the four-mile run in two hours, 23 minutes, and 28 seconds.

She was voted twice for ‘Sexiest Women of the World’

Jennifer has been voted twice as one of the Sexiest Women in the World in the 2000s. Her curvaceous figure and glowing skin can prove that. The singer is being an inspiration for many girls and women across the globe.

J.Lo follows eight hours sleep routine

J.Lo never skips out her eight hours sleep routine which she follows daily amid tight schedules. If she gets more time, the singer will sleep for two more hours, one of the reasons for her flawless skin.

Lopez is not fond of alcoholic beverages

Though the singer attends many parties, she just holds a glass that has some healthy beverages. J.Lo doesn’t drink alcohol, this might be a secret behind her sparkling skin.

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