James Patterson’s Next Book!

It would be a great piece from him for all book lovers who feel reading as a peaceful companion.

The popular Philanthropist and author James Patterson in association with Maxine Paetro are releasing his new book named “The 19th Christmas.”

The story revolves around the socks which is usually a part of Christmas were your loved ones gift it in the stockings. It would be a great piece from him for all book lovers who feel reading as a peaceful companion.

Being a thriller based story, it talks about Sgt. Lindsay Boxer works for the San Francisco police. She anticipates getting her holiday to spend time with her family where a twist pops when a police officer gets killed and the killer is also dead with her child near a tree.

The reader is sure to immerse with the story as it is a brilliant fiction, making you imagine the bloodshed and heaps of dead bodies adding each day with thick skin, brutal killer mentioned as Loman.

Loman a weird name is depicted to have “sacrificial friends,” a plan to give a fresh identity and considered to be ruthless but has a soft spot for his better half Imogene.

Fondly called Bunny he drops his jealous plan just to cherish her birthday which is on Christmas. To add more spice Imogene is a complicated character in the novel as she imagines that her husband is a middle-class man working for a jewelry store as a salesperson.

Well, the crux of the story is if she finds his criminal side then it would not go well. The lead of the story, Lindsay has to push hard to break the ice to catch the culprit.

The best part is that she has her pals and teammates who work for the district attorney and examiners at medical centers and investigation officers.All these happen with the day before New Year nearing them.

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