J Lo Revealed That She Pole Danced In ‘Hustlers’

The songstress made it very clear that she didn’t use body bouble for the steamy dance stripper scene.

In a private TV reality, J Lo revealed that she didn’t opt to use a body double for any of the hot dance moves in her stripper flick, “Hustlers”. The songstress while appearing for movie promotion on Tv, confessed the truth flushing all the rumors and hunt for the body double.

“No, no! I have some bruises, I took pictures to prove it!”

“Also, I said to the director… there’s a moment when I go upside down… and I said ‘I don’t care if I look like a bat hanging upside down, if my face is crushed, make sure you get me! I don’t want anybody thinking its doubles.’ No doubles in this movie!”

She even disclosed that the pole dancing scene was included postscript and she was not aware of it initially. It was only after Lopez, who co-produced the film, spoke to the director that it was included.

“In the script, it initially says that Ramona enters and does a final flourish on stage… I suggested to the director, I said, ‘you know, it’s a stripper movie, I think maybe someone has to strip, you know? People are going to be expecting it.’”

“I said, ‘we have to see that, I don’t want to hear Destiny just saying it. I want to see it,’” she added. “So, we designed the dance to not just be a kind of gratuitous strip pole scene but to inform who she was as a person and what she meant to all the people there in the club and how she really played the game and it worked out.”

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