It’s a Treat for Lionel Messi and Cristino Ronaldo Fans

The legendary superstars ignites extravagance and enthusiasm at the UEFA champions league.

Its always been Cristino Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi ever since the football legends made it to the spotlight. But last Thursday, a remarkable event came to reality which no football fan would’ve ever dreamed of happening.

The fans were treated with extravagant enthusiasm at the UEFA champions league in Mexico when the two superstars seated next to each other. While the match is an important one where the biggest football clubs battling for European dominance, it became even more historic to witness Ronaldo and Messi smiling, laughing and shaking hands as if they’re friends of a very long time.

Ronaldo acknowledged that, with age, their fierce rivalry has mellowed into the most exclusive mutual appreciation society in soccer. He even broke the ice further by inviting Lionel Messi for a dinner to sit down and have a great time.

Of course, it’s still debatable among fans who is the best among the two superheroes of football. But what’s more astonishing is the mutual respect and admiration between the footballers for each other.

‘Ronaldo or Messi’ is the great modern football debate and the two living legends have been billed as great foes over the years. But their relationship seems to be built on immense mutual respect and, possibly even friendship, rather than anything even close to hatred or animosity.

“Of course, I miss playing in Spain,” Ronaldo commented. “We’ve had that battle for the last 15 years, which is good – he pushed me and I pushed him as well. So, it’s good to be part of the history of football. I’m there and, of course, he is there as well.”

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