It’s a Girl for Kieran and Jazz Charton!

The news broke when Jazz posted in Insta on Wednesday with a pic where she’s seen cradling her baby girl.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 06: Kieran Culkin (L) and Jazz Charton arrive at HBO's Official Golden Globe Awards After Party at Circa 55 Restaurant on January 06, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

The succession star Kieran and his wife are parents. The news broke when Jazz posted in Insta on Wednesday with a pic where she’s seen cradling her baby girl. They have named her as Kinsey Sioux fondly called Zissou. 

With 25 hours of long labor pain, she was taken to the hospital and by the time she went in she delivered on September 13th a beautiful full moon she shared. She continued saying that “She is posting after 4 days post-delivery going through a hell of pain, but she felt happy and complete.

In spite of being a successful star, Kieran is not part of social media so there is no clue how he feels getting promoted as a dad. But it can be assured that he would be on cloud nine on the birth of his baby.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, he shared that “I’m not having any of the freak-outs or nervousness that everyone tells me I should be having. All I am is excited.” He also said that prior to her delivery they both had attended parenting classes which had helped them to be prepared.

The Succession star made a funny statement that: he did not go through a lot of classes but it enabled him to feel that he wouldn’t need anyone else but just him during his girl’s arrival. Further, he added “the epiphany took place when she told the other expectant parents, “I hate babies and I’m terrified of them so I never hold them.”

However, Jazz was enjoying her phase of motherhood and she is in love with her baby and told the room: “I love my child but I’m going to hate all of yours,” the star explained. “I took one look at her when she said that and was like, I’ve never been more in love with anybody in my life.”

Hearty wishes to the couple on their new journey!

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