Isabelle Huppert Comments on Alfred Hitchcock and his Blonde Heroines at IFFI!

She also said that he always looks for blonde heroines which have been a long-time habit yet disturbing.

The eminent French beauty Isabelle Huppert recently made a witty statement on ace director Alfred Hitchcock’s classic dark films with the human psyche. She also said that he always looks for blonde heroines which have been a long-time habit yet disturbing.

Isabelle is the recipient of 50th IFFI’s Lifetime Achievement which is hosted in India. She has done movies for some of the legendary directors across the world but she always had a void as she never got a chance to appear in Hitchcock’s films as she felt she is not “blonde enough.”

She stated: “I wish I could have worked with Alfred Hitchcock. I would have loved to work with him. But I think I wasn’t blonde enough to work with Hitchcock,” told the 66-year-old actress during a master class.

Alfred’s likeness to blonde began with a special appearance and his debut movie had a blonde actress in 1926 in the movie “The Lodger,” starring June Tripp. As years went by his liking to choose blonde actresses became an obsession and he brought on board Ingrid Bergman, Eva Marie Saint, and Grace Kelly, etc.

Huppert who entered movies in 1971 just missed Hitchcock and she said that: “I was an actor enough to work with” such big names as she always required a lot of freedom to perform in front of the camera.”

She has often seen in German director Werner Schroeter and Austrian filmmaker Micheal Haneke’s movies. Isabelle added saying: “Schroeter was an extraordinary theatre and movie director. He was very interesting. He had such a different vision and was a unique artist.” “He inspired me a lot. He was a like poet. And it is always tough to bring poetry on screen,” Huppert said about the late helmer, with whom she worked on memorable films like “Deux”, “Malina”, among others”

Isabelle’s golden globe award film “Elle” is to be aired this Friday in IFFI. Besides, the IFFI will be closing by November 28th.

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