Singapore Summit
Singapore Summit


Is North Korea still developing nuclear weapons?

It seems like the country is no more in the idea of denuclearization.

It seems like the country is no more in the idea of denuclearization. Reports from UN atomic watchdog reveal that North Korea hasn’t ceased its nuclear weapons programme. Consistent nuclear activities have been observed by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) at the country’s capital city, Pyongyang. With this report being released, it has become a major issue that is of global concern.

Looks like the Singapore Summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump did no good at all. The meeting that happened in June appears to be a mere eyewash and apparently, there is no solid agreement between the two countries on North Korea to work towards denuclearization. With such nuclear activities going on in DPRK’s major city, talks about negotiation isn’t going to be an easy deal. “They want to hold on to their nuclear weapons as long as possible while extracting as many concessions as possible”, says Duyeon Kim, a senior person at CNAS, Washington D.C. Apart from the tension that may arise in the United States, South Korea might also be worried about this happening. But, anyway, Seoul’s defense ministry might probably remove its reference to North Korea as the enemy in an annual white paper in the forthcoming days which is some good news.

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