Is Black Mirror Bandersnatch the future of Netflix?

Imagine you are watching a movie and you’re given options wherein the protagonist will act according to your choices. Well, that’s exactly what Bandersnatch is all about. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Trust me; it’s even more interesting to watch the show. For all those who still haven’t experienced the choose-your-own-adventure genre on Netflix, it’s time you run tonight and turn on the streaming service.

With multiple endings based on the decisions you make, Bandersnatch’s plot is about Stefan, a videogame programmer, who ends up doing things exactly based on the input you give. The show also provides you with ways to go back and choose a different option to know what really would have happened if you had made different decisions. While some claim it is frustrating to keep playing with the same set of scenes yet still not achieve a happy ending, there is no way one could walk past the technical excellence with which it was shot.

Breaking the walls of mainstream TV shows, it is an innovative creation from the makers of Black Mirror that could easily become Netflix’s newest strategy to attract more subscribers. Now, that’s quite some talent.

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