Interesting facts about ” The Rock”

The Rock who rocked as a wrestler is much more than that…

Interesting Facts About ” The Rock”
Interesting Facts About ” The Rock”

The Rock or Rocky Johnson goes well for Dwayne Johnson’s personality. Here are interesting unknown facts about The Rock who is much more than an actor and wrestler.

Rock, An undercover cop

At 16, Johnson started bulking up and grew a mustache. Because of his muscular physique, his high school classmates thought he was an undercover cop.

Rock coined the term “smackdown”

WWE’s Smackdown was unknown until Rock used the term. Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary took literally ten years to recognize the word. Dwayne credits Harvey Wippleman, aka Downtown Bruno, as he might have used the term in his early years.

Rock, The Game Changer

His High school coach Jody Cwik saw his potential to become an athlete. Mr. Cwik eventually made him play as a defensive tackle for Freedom’s football team.

Rock, the wrestler

Dwayne’s father and forefathers were black tag team champions, and wrestling runs in Rock’s blood. He made his debut in WWF as Rocky Maivia, a combination of his father’s and grandfather’s ring names. Dwayne is a ten-time world champion. He left his career in 2004 and returned in 2011 as a part-time performer.

Rock, the Scorpion king

Rock made his debut in The Mummy Returns movieas Scorpion King. Since then, he was starred in many movies, including, Race to witch mountain, Game Plan, Fast and Furious, and so on.

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