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Interesting Facts about the Hangover Movie

Here are some fun facts about the Hangover film series

Interesting Facts About The Hangover Movie
Interesting Facts About The Hangover Movie

Believe it or not, the Hangover trilogy has a separate fanbase worldwide. Such popularity and fanbase are unexpected things for an R-rated movie. Also, this movie became a huge turning point for the actors like Ed Helms and  Zach Galifianakis. Just as in the movie, there are many interesting things that have happened behind the scenes too. Here are ten facts you should know about the Hangover movies

  • Producer Chris Bender revealed that The Hangover story is based on a real event where his friend Tripp Vinson had gone missing from his own bachelor party and regained consciousness in a strip club.
  • The cast agreed to play part III on one condition that if there would be no sequel to Hangover III.
  • The crew went to the actual Ceasers’ palace in Las Vegas to shoot the movie. Also, most of the scenes were shot in a real place.
  • Since Ed Helms was starring in The Office he faced a difficult situation while filming part III. Because of Ed, the Office crew added a different storyline to conceal his disappearance. 
  • Mike Tyson was high on Cocaine while shooting his scenes. He stated that working in the Hangover movie lead him to a good path to healthy life.
  • Director Philips played a small role in his own project. He portrayed Mr.Creepy the guy in the elevator.  
  • There was no make-up or any special effects created for Ed Helms’s missing tooth.            Naturally, he doesn’t have an adult incisor tooth, so he removed the dental implant             during the shoot.
  • Director Philips was trying to use a real Taser in the movie, but the Warner Bros. legal team interfered and put an end to this idea. 
  • In the beginning, the crew was thinking to cast  Lindsay Lohan in Jade’s role, however, the director thought she was young to play such a role so chose Heather Graham to do the character.
  • The Hangover movie won Best Picture in the Musical or Comedy category. Also, Hangover was one of the top ten movies of the year.
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