India takes the fight to Pakistan

India conducted Airstrike in Pakistan in Terrorist-infested areas leading to a major escalation of tensions between two countries.

India has claimed to eliminate hundreds of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists in a camp run by Masood Azhar. Pakistan admitted to its territory being violated and vowed to respond at the ‘time and place’ at its choosing.

This was the first time Indian jets crossed the line of control since 1971. Pakistan warns of aggressive retaliation. So be it, India says as the world watches two nuclear-armed countries at the brink of war (?)

Pakistan public condemning India’s Airstrike

India’s military antics were in response to the Pulwama attack where a convoy of vehicles was bombed claiming the lives of 40 military personnel on February 14th in Kashmir. The bombing was carried out by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber who later was confirmed to be a member of a Pakistan-based, terrorist group, Jaish-e-Mohammad.

According to Intel, Jaish-e-Mohammad was planning to carry out more suicide terror attacks in various parts of India and was training fidayeen jihadis (suicide squad) for this specific purpose.

The Indian Foreign Secretary termed the airstrike as ‘non-military’ and ‘preemptive’ and was carried out of absolute necessity after Pakistan, time and again failed to curb its terror activities, if not letting them slip under its watch.

India’s Foreign Secretary announcing the Airstrikes

The terror camp that was destroyed was run by Masood Azhar’s brother, Maulana Yusuf Azhar and was situated far from the civilian population.

Pakistan’s failure to curb Terrorism even after receiving funds and support from the US has been a grave concern, with foreign Media outlets speculating Pakistan’s aid in spreading terror and using the anti-terrorism fund sanctioned by the US to fund its shady Nuclear weapons program. Even a nut like Donald Trump condemned Pakistan’s fragile government and realized that the US had been favorable to Pakistan with so many past Presidents going far and above to eradicate Terrorism with Pakistan’s support, only to find Pakistan housing Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, just a few blocks away from the Pakistan Military Academy.

The US killed him in a successful SEAL operation on May 2, 2011, all on its own, without any major contribution from the Pakistan Intelligence.

Bin laden’s residence in Pakistan before he was killed

Considering the tumultuous history of both Nations, neither citizens want the two countries to engage in an all-out war which will lead to serious repercussions on both sides causing loss of life and property of the ordinary citizens who barely have a say in the ongoing political turmoil. It is easy for either government to add to fumes by manipulating the media and playing with people’s trust leading them to convince something that may be otherwise.

‘We may be bitter neighbours, but a war is the last thing we need’ is a thought that people of both the nations can relate to.

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