How Joy Anna Duggar lost her post-partem weight?

Ever since Joy Anna Duggar posted a picture of herself in a black top with printed sleeves and skirt,  the fans were left in a state of shock as the starlet looks slim slimmer than she was after her son’s birth. The mirror selfie was taken in the dressing room in which Anna looked unbelievably toned.

Soon after the picture, the Counting On star released an Instagram story in which she has explained to her viewers how she successfully burned all the fat.  She said that her new health coach helped her a lot to make tremendous progress with her post-baby body reduction. Further, she said that despite dieting and exercising, she had a hard time reducing her weight as nothing was really working.  Then the starlet revealed that her friend Jessica told her the secret to reduce weight. The star exclaimed in the video that her friend had lost 47 pounds and she was amazed by the level of Jessica’s energy. That after seeing her results Joy wanted to pitch in herself.

“I know her and saw her results and was like, I want to do it. I started it, and I have already gotten down to my pre-pregnancy weight and am still losing weight. I just feel so good.” The fans were very eager to know the details.  But the reality star gave no specific tricks on the video apart from crediting her friend and saying that she will paste her link in the next story.  And in describing her program, Jessica wrote that it “helps teach you how to use food as fuel and provides you with the food that is necessary to burn fat without sacrificing energy.”  Looks like Dugger is double lucky that she is able to reduce her post-pregnancy weight which most people struggle with and also has a friend who is apt for the proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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