Hollywood’s Weirdest Love Scenes

It’s the weirdest when you choose to watch it with family…

Watching your favorite movies with your loved ones is fun. But when you go to a movie with your house elders and watch an intimate scene it will be quite weird and of course, embarrassing for them as well.

Here are a few love scenes which you never want to see.


The most awkward scene in the movie is where Nite Owl (Patrick Wilson) and Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman) make love. It is depicted as superheroes having sex after arriving at a crime scene in the evening. But actually, it is 2 people donning a superhero outfit to beat bad people to get into the feel. To this, the critics stated that it is “Off-putting” and we have to say the same as well.

American Beauty

Though the flick is simply fantastic with incredible performances, it is quite awkward that a father lures his teen daughter’s friend.  The kindling of love between Kevin Spacey and Mena Suvari is yucky and not appropriate from the beginning. But the temptations that Kevin has been portrayed just for fun and when they meet in reality their fingers are crossed by the audience as it should not happen.

The main part of the scene is that he covers her with a blanket in a post-traumatic manner where fans get relaxed as it comes to an end and later he gets murdered. It’s not easy to take after the MeToo sensation across the globe where Kevin was alleged of various sexual indecencies that had young people involved.

Observe and Report

In the movie Observe and Report, the love scene between lasagna and Steven is definitely awkward. While most people would expect a love scene between two good-looking people to be steamy and romantic, this one is just weird and uncomfortable. For starters, Lisa looks absolutely horrified to be touching Steven, and the way she pushes him away makes it clear that she does not want to be there. But beyond that, the dialogue is just bizarre. Steven talks about how he wants to “fuck her brains out,” which is definitely not something that would turn a woman on. And when Lisa asks him what he likes about her, he just says “your tits.” It’s all very cringeworthy, and it’s easy to see why Lisa looks so uncomfortable. All in all, it’s no wonder that this scene is often cited as one of the most awkward love scenes in movie history.

Requiem for a Dream

The most embarrassing moment is when Requiem for a Dream has the lead roles getting into the worst addiction. The audience could see the lowest time of their life. The character Marion is portrayed by Jennifer Connelly who is a drug addict and sells her body to get drugs.

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