Hollywood Scenes that Went Intimate to Awkward!

Here are some love scenes that give you an awkward experience and even force you to fast forward

These Sex Scenes From Hollywood Will Disturb You!
These Sex Scenes From Hollywood Will Disturb You!

Hollywood had been very careful with the love scenes most of the time. Sometimes, those intimate scenes have sparked controversies and sometimes remained a perfect cinematic idiom for intimacy. But here are some love scenes that give you an awkward experience and even force you to fast forward.

If you noticed keenly these oh-so awkward intimate encounters mostly show up in comedies. We have put together the most cringe-worthy intimate scenes of all time that make you cringe, gasp, and clumsy. Scroll down to find these super uncomfortable scenes to watch.

The Most Awkward intimate Scene between Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle Maclachlan

The pool scene featuring Elizabeth and Kyle from the movie Showgirls is considered the crappiest intimate scene of all time. Leannetillyk explains -“She looks like a fish on the hook.”

Ethan Hawke Shares an Intimate Scene with Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives.

This intimate scene shocked fans! It was such an awkward moment to watch the intimate scene where Angelina is flopping around like a fish.

The Awkward intimate Scene in the Movie Splice

The sci-fi drama’s intimate scene is unbelievably weird. Adrien Brody created a creature called Dren. She attracts him and the intimate scenes are truly disturbing, bizarre, and weird.

Intimate Scene in The Room Is Disturbing.

All the intimate scenes in the movie The Room were extremely uncomfortable to watch.
“The music, camera work, and sounds combined are so cringy. They even had to reuse the same scene because the actress refused to act it out twice as she was so uncomfortable the first time.” – stated jellying.

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz’s intimate Scene in Bad Teacher

The pop star Justin Timberlake and an American actress share an intimate scene that is considered the “most uncomfortable intimate scene in history.”


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