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Holly Willoughby is a Good Counsellor, Says Co-Star Phillip Schofield

The presenter of ‘This Morning’ TV show, Phillip Schofield revealed to the world about how supportive and therapeutic her co-star Holly Willoughby is. He said that she’d been a great counsellor for him for the past year and helped him handle the pandemic situation.

Speaking to Radio X today morning, the 58-year-old tv host showered praises about his co-star for being a sweet angel to him throughout the year and through all his tough times. He also revealed how she was holding him by his from falling apart when he publicly came out as gay on the show last February.

Phillip Schofield: “When the wheels fell off the world and we all went into lockdown, Holly and I were doing our own make-up in the This Morning studio on our own looking at each other, thinking ‘What the hell is going on? It was like a therapy session all the way through.

We knew that we were going up the stairs to do the show and people saying ‘Oh thank God you’re still on, thank God you’re still on, just a little bit of normality.’

“For us, for me, spending those mornings with Holly – she is a very good counsellor – those mornings were gold dust and she is definitely a remarkable person.”

Phillip revealed: “She text me yesterday, she WhatsApped me to say she has finished the book and she was so lovely.

“She has been incredible. I’ve been very lucky to have astonishing people around me who have been brilliant.”

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