Highlights of Celebrities Who Made Successful Comebacks in 2023

Some of the much-awaited comebacks please friends and fans!

Highlights Of Celebrities Who Made Successful Comebacks In 2023
Highlights Of Celebrities Who Made Successful Comebacks In 2023

Celebrities are under constant scrutiny and have to face rumors and statements that are not true. Despite the huge perks of being a celebrity, they are also human and have the needs and desires that all of us have. At times, the never-ending attention takes its toll, and many celebrities go under the radar for this reason. Some of them prefer to take a year or two off to focus on their health or family. Have you heard of the famous celebrity comebacks of 2023? If you haven’t, we will let you know about them in a minute! 


So, without further ado, let’s delve into some of the successful celebrity returns!

Celebrity Comebacks 2023

1. Rupert Grint and His Successful Comeback

Who can forget Rupert Grint, the star who gave full justice to the character of “Ron Weasley” in the much-acclaimed Harry Potter series? He has acted in several other non-Harry Potter movies, and starred in “Moonwalkers” – a 2015 film. He also acted in one of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies. And then, he took quite a long break from acting. 


It was Shyamalan who put him back on his career graph by casting him in, “Knock at the Cabin.” So, we know that Rupert Grint is back with a bang.

2. Rachel McAdams’ Comeback for a Mom’s Role

McAdams is a terrific actress and was working on at least one movie a year in the 2000s and 2010s. After that, she slowed down a little and was seen in a couple of Netflix comedies. But now, she plays the role of a mother in “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” And, the good news is that she has portrayed the role impeccably. Fans are now happy that the great actress has made a comeback to the big screen. Indeed, it is one of the top comebacks by celebrities!

3. Josh Hartnett and His Return to the Big Screen 

You might have seen Hartnett playing the character of a handsome hunk in many films. He has had his share of accomplishments and disappointments in the film industry. After a break, the actor played a prominent role in 2014’s “Penny Dreadful” – a horror series. Now, in Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” he has got a terrific role among the cast of A-listers. 

4. Brendan Fraser and His Oscar

You would have seen Brendan Fraser in movies like “The Mummy.” Around 2003, he disappeared from the big screen and many wondered where the handsome actor had gone. The truth is that he became reclusive after a disturbing incident in 2003. However, he came back to the big screen and acted in the acclaimed movie, “The Whale.” And, in the 2023 Oscars (95th), he won an award for his role! Hence, we say it is one of Hollywood’s successful returns.

5. Cameron Diaz and Her Collaboration with Jamie Foxx

In 2018, Cameron Diaz announced that she would be stopping her acting career. But years later, Jamie Foxx wished to talk to Diaz about a new project. So, she has returned from her eight-year hiatus to act again. On the 29th of June, 2023, Foxx shared the news about her return to acting via his Twitter account. It is said that Diaz will be starring in a new Netflix movie called, “Back in Action,” and the very name indicates that the star will be back with a bang for a fresh beginning!

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