Here’s What You Need To Know About Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Resort!

The resort is located in the middle of California desert…

It is evident that Mike Tyson is very curious about Marijuana after he started a company that sells Weed and Weed products since 2016. But a vast stretching Cannabis resort is something of a whole new trend. Here’re some exciting bulletin points you should know about Tyson’s Weed Resort,

The Wonderland of Weed

The over-the-top marijuana resort is located in the middle of California resort that stretches along a whopping 407 acres. Yes, that made it to the list of biggest resorts around the world. The resort features a luxury hotel, glamping tents, a lazy river that takes more than an hour to cross, concert areas and many other tourist attractions.

Tyson University

I know what you’re thinking. But no. Tyson isn’t gonna teach boxing at Tyson University. Instead, he teaches how to cultivate and farm cannabis herbs.

Awareness Campaigns

The former heavyweight boxing champion is a firm believer in marijuana as a healing medicine. He plans to conduct awareness campaigns in his resort educating the general public on the healing properties and medicinal benefits of marijuana.

On an interesting note, Tyson revealed that he smokes more than $40000 worth of weed by himself in his weed ranch.

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