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Here’s what critics think about Mark Wahlberg’s Mile 22

This is the 4th time the actor and director Peter Berg are working together.

Mark wahlberg is a phenomenal actor who has given us some of the best movies of Hollywood like The Transformers and Three kings to name a few. The actor has his developed an audidence for himself with his choice of films and luckily has caught the attention of critics as well.

His upcoming movie with Peter Berg is named Mile 22 and will release soon. But since the critics get a special screening, the reviews are out for the public. The story is about an elite strategic unit that runs above the law to keep the country(U.S.A) safe. They have to transport an asylum seeker with crucial information to the U.S embassy of which the distance is 22 miles. Hence the title.

Despite the great effots, critics have teared it down on Rotten Tomatoes. Although some others did like the film. Art has always been subjective, but don’t skip Mile 22 in the theatres, give it a chance, because it may have metaphors that refer to the current scenario of the country.

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