HBO’s “Insecure” Season 3: What to expect?

Do Issa and Molly get to be more confident with their decisions this time? “Insecure” is a comical hit and was also chosen one of the top 10 TV programs of the year by the American Film Institute in 2017. The first season got telecasted in 2016 and its popularity is something that made the channel come up with new seasons. The 3rd installment was premiered on Sunday and we have got a few facts on how protagonists Issa and Molly’s life would be in this one. You’ll pretty much get to experience the typical Insecure-type-of-scenes for sure. As far as Issa is considered, she is turning to be a little more matured by doing the Lyft-diver job in addition to her work at We Got Y’all. We’ll have to wait until if it’s a good or bad decision to have chosen this supplementary job though. And Molly, on the other hand, has joined a law firm making bold decisions and dealing with challenging situations. However, her bond with boyfriend Dro still hasn’t drawn to a close as they choose to be acquaintances. While the two learn more about their bad decisions, they still happen to make a few fresh ones too. Whatever be the plot in the newest season, looks like the entertainment quotient is not gonna lessen anytime soon.

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