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HBO edits the ‘cup scene’ from Game of Thrones to save itself from embarrassment

HBO saved itself from the famous crew mishap using Technology.

If negative reviews for the final season’s fourth episode wasn’t enough, makers of GoT were trolled after a Coffee cup was spotted on a table while the camera was still rolling.

How that cup escaped anyone in the editing room is beyond our knowledge. In fact, we speculated it to be a sneaky product placement by HBO endorsing Starbucks. The error got so much out of hand that Starbuck’s official Twitter responded–

So, peeps at HBO decided to roll up their sleeves and get down to probably the greatest bit of editing they’ve ever done–

Get that damn cup out of that scene

Folks at HBO got down to a task that was more daunting than scripting the battle of Winterfell– scrubbing that cup off that scene so that your next generation doesn’t get to watch it and end up ordering a special dragon latte.

No more coffee for the Dragon Queen

So while my friend was busy meme-fying the latte cup across Daenerys on the table, Hauke Richter, an art director on “Game of Thrones,” said it was common for anachronistic stuff to appear on TV. He said that the error was “so blown out of proportion. It has not happened with ‘Thrones’ so far.”

My friend’s pathetic attempt at being funny

Earlier, Game of Thrones’ official twitter took the error with a tongue in the cheek jibe at itself referencing to Starbucks.

It was probably trying to cover the fact of how dead it was inside.

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