Harry Potter Star Emma Watson and Co-Star Tom Felton are on a Skateboard Ride!

Well since Draco & Harmoine looked cute; Dramione Fans Are FLIPPING.

Brace yourself Harry Potter fans: For us, everything is magic and beautiful. And when we found this video of Emma Watson and Tom Felton it is almost too cute to handle! The former co-stars from HP series had some fun in the sun together and they posted it all on Instagram. The two were whizzing down a crowded street on a skateboard and maintaining their balance. Since the board was tiny Emma had to cling to her pal Tom.

As soon as the post hit Insta fans started going crazy and flipped out. One wrote “Is this what Dramoine looks like in real life? This makes the fangirl very happy inside!! Dramoine FTW!!” But we gotta guess despite the sweet moments together, they aren’t dating. As it was clear she called him Dear Friend in the caption of her post. Though they had been fans dreamt romance between them in 2011, Emma actually admitted that she had a crush and he was her first crush. She also said Tom knew this totally and they both laughed and have come past a long way.

Besides whatever is fuming, we are sorry guys! Emma proved just what a good friend she truly is by supporting Tom’s forthcoming YouTube series with the post. “Tom’s @origin_series is out on 14th November. Congrats dear friend.” she wrote in the caption.

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