Guess who recreated the poster of the cult film ‘Breakfast Club’?

The coolest thing you’ll see today.

The cast Wonder Woman 1984 got together with Gal Gadot to recreate the poster of Breakfast Club. Earlier during the day, Comic Book Movie released their version of the poster and we have to admit that they did it to the T.

In the replication, Chris Pine was Brian, Pedro Pascal was Andrew, Kristen Wiig was Allison, Patty Jenkins was John Bender and finally Gal Gadot was Claire. Gal even wore the famous golden tiara which belonged to Diana Prince.

While fans still can’t got how awesome Wonder Woman was, Patty Jenkins is ready for a franchise and she calls it Wonder Woman 1984. We think it is an absolutely mind blowing idea to merge the ‘80’s culture to make a sequel of a modern block buster.

During the recent Comic Con, Patty revealed her reasons to do so, she said, “There was something about that time that was the beginning of modernity and the modern world,I grew up in the ’80s… It really was mankind at its best and worst. It was grand and wonderful and there was great music at the same time that we were revealing the worst of us…[It’s fascinating] to see Wonder Woman in a period of time that is really us at our extreme.”

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