Romantic comedy is the only genre which has been an all-time favourite among people and is a trend setter in Hollywood history. On the headlines again it’s Hollywood sweetheart Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming romcom Second Act which is all set to release on December 21st on screens in cinemas.


J Lo plays a role of a woman who gets a chance to fulfill her career ambitions when her company believes that she is an accomplished consultant and gives her a major business to handle.  J Lo has been roped into several RomCom flicks in the previous decade which did pretty well at the box office and people loved the roles she played.  Maid in Manhattan, The wedding planner, Monster-in-law, The back-up plan and Shall we dance; to name a few.  There is no doubt that Second Act will make it big in at the box-office as the movie goers have a special liking for J lo’s romcom

Not only her fans but that it’s evident from her recent interview on Jimmy Fallon show that J Lo herself loves to be casted in romcoms and considers making these movies a public service.  “You need that funny, quirky look at life, that romantic look at life.  I think things are tough sometimes and we need that escape”, says the 49-year-old actor.












Further she added that she loves “This Is Us”, American TV comedy series. In fact, she had demanded one of the actors from the series to act in Second Act who is none other than Milo Ventimiglia who played the role of Jack Pearson in the TV series. On the talk show, she added, “There was only one person I ever saw, and it was Milo … And watching him play a dad, I was like, ‘Ugh, Oh, my God”.

In the movie, Second Act Lopez plays the role of Maya while Ventimiglia plays Trey.  As the movie is going to (all set to) hit the screens soon romcom lovers and J Lo fans are eagerly waiting to watch the stars share the screen.

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